CNC Powder

10g, Spray dried Powder type

Product option

 · 10g


Powder type Cellulose Nano Crystal product.


Product Specification
Product NameCNC Powder
Product TypeCellulose Nano Crystal Spray Dried Powder
Molecular formula[(C6O5H10)22-28 SO3 Na]4-6
Gram molecular weight14,700 - 27,850
Moisture content (powder)4 - 6 %
Particle size (powder)1 - 50 μm
Particle diameter (crystal)2.3 - 4.5 nm
Particle length (crystal)44 - 108 nm
Crystallinity88 %
Sulfur content0.86 - 0.89 %
pH (dispersed in water)pH 6 - 7
Zeta potential- 37 mV
※ The image was taken in condition of being dispersed in water.

Storage condition

Packed in a container with silica gel. Please store it in a dry place and avoid sunlight.

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